For years I worked in a tiny office, within a small office in a big building overlooking the Thames. I shared my office with around a metric tonne of old computer equipment, too many bookcases (covered with my books) and the utility meter cupboard. On hot days it was too hot and on cold days it was too cold.

Writing for a Business

There was always something interesting to be writing though.

Some days it would be working with the marketing team to find the right slogan for a new campaign, other days it was working with the Director of Account Management to create a new B2C mailout. Other days I might be consulting with customers on the best way to optimise their website copy for search results. Industry articles, press releases, B2B/C mailouts, presentations, sales brochures, letters to the company solicitor (seriously) and any other number of random things. Like all jobs it had drawbacks, but the work was good and varied.

In 2017 the company was bought out by a bigger company, the office was shut down a year later and everyone was made redundant. sad face emoji

From Supranational to Small Business

I took some of my redundancy payout, abundant free time and writing skills to qualify as a chartered copywriter specialising in content writing for businesses. After qualifying, I created my business, Make Write, and began freelancing.

I've worked with a variety of businesses often writing website copy, blogs, eBooks or social media posts aimed at gaining more site traffic and improving search results. Things that are especially vital for a small business competing for customers online.

Getting feedback from customers saying the work they've received is having positive results for their business is incredibly rewarding. Though I sometimes miss my little cave of an office and it's constant supply of work, I'm happier now. Working wherever I want to and meeting different people, learning about their marketing needs and working with them to get more customers for their business.

If you want to tell me what you need, ask any questions about content or just talk about the life and works of Jarvis Cocker, send me an email.