As a freelance copywriter you have a strange weight to bear, almost everyone thinks that they can do your job. Most people can write, that's definitely true, and most business people (hopefully) know about their business. So why spend money on a copywriter if you can write and you already know your business?

Because accuracy matters. Your mailouts are how you maintain a relationship with your customers and leads. Your website, social media and printed material are your stand-ins for when you can't be stood in front of a potential client. So they have to be the best version of you they can be; clear, accurate and informative.

When we meet business people that are scruffy, don't communicate well and don't have all the information to hand, they have to work much harder to keep our attention, and more importantly, to gain our trust, because it looks like they don't care. Poorly written copy, with spelling mistakes, syntactical errors and poor structure, are the online equivalents. They make you look bad and they hurt your potential relationship with clients.

Now, I'm no Agatha Trunchball. The rules of English are flexible and they're worth breaking sometimes for style and effect, but people will notice mistakes and they adjust their perception of you, or your company, accordingly. It's OK to start sentences with and or because sometimes, but never to spell it becauze.

People love to identify errors. We've all got that relative on Facebook who's on a personal quest to correct every incorrect your or there or its, and they may be an extreme case, but we all notice the faults in things we read. It's part of how we assess our environment, what's presented to us, and probably has a root in the core of the brain, the bit that looks for something that's out of place. The bit that notices something's wrong and makes us a little edgy.

And it's not just the humans that care.

While responding to a user question, Matt Cutts of Google said that the technical corectness of site copy isn't a factor that Google measures, but there's a strong correlation between sites that rank better and well written content. Your SEO work and SEM spend will be devalued if people arrive at your page and immediately bounce because of the substandard writing.

That's why you engage a copywriter. In writing, rewriting or proofreading your business materials they'll go through that process for you. So that when a customer is reading what you have to say, there are no interruptions, no flags that might cause them concern. They don't stop for mistakes or bail out halfway through a blog because they've got lost. They'll read further and take in more of what you say if what you're saying is well written and well presented. Search engines might not rank you on text accuracy but users prefer sites that are well written, and user behaviour is a factor in ranking reputation for sites and pages.

Hiring a copywriter or a content writer puts forward the best possible version of you and enhances your chances of reaching and converting customers.

It's OK to not know the right your, to not have THEY'RE THERE IN THEIR HOUSE memorised. If you want to eliminate the mistakes, typos and rogue punctuation in your text, get it proofed and polished before customers see it, I can help you with that. That's what I'm here for.