My proposition to you is that paying once for content is a more rewarding strategy than repeatedly paying for ads. So, on the whole, I charge on a per-piece basis. On the services page you can read more about the different types of content I can deliver.

Hiring a Freelance Content Writer

There are lots of places where you could get copy. Copy mills where you can pay pence or cents per word. People who write blogs as a side hustle around their main job and all their free-time commitments. You will pay less for their services; you will get less for your money.

My per-piece pricing policy means you retain greater control over how your budget is spent. After an initial period of discussion regarding your requirements and and aims for the job, I'll create a proposal that is tailored to your specifc needs and budget.

Once everything has been agreed, we'll sign a contract that reflects these discussions. It will set out what I'll deliver and when. After a first draft is sent, we'll do two rounds of revisions before the final draft is ready. Once a final draft is complete, I'll issue an invoice with payment details and terms.

The whole process begins with a conversation about what you need and how I can get those needs met.