During my career I've written many different things. Some were small and discrete, winding up in the back of a book, some were large and unmissable on twenty-foot-high signage.

What Does A Content Writer Write?

Content is anything contained within something else. The words on this page (webcopy) are a form of content. Blogs are a form of serialised content. Podcasts and videos are content that requires scripting. Ebooks, white papers, press releases, infographics and product descriptions are all content.

A small business may only utilise one or two types in their marketing strategy, while a large corporation might include many of them. During my career I've had experience writing these different types of content.

The Right Content Writer For The Job

There's no content writer who is right for every client they come into contact with. A multinational will have different needs to a small business. A video games studio will require a different style of writer to a beauty salon.

The best way to find out if I'm the right writer for you is to get in touch. Hopefully I am, but if not, I can refer you to another writer who could be the right person for you.